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Punishment is the least effective way to eliminate behavior problems.

Rewards can turn into a system of bribery that comes back to haunt you.

Directive Parenting provides you with tactics for meaningful learning and long-term results.
Why Directive Parenting Works

The goal of Directive Parenting is to teach your child to be responsible for his or her behavior and enjoy the satisfaction of making good decisions. Directive Parenting uses increased freedom and privileges as the motivators for your child's choices. When he acts in a mature and responsible manner, he is respected and trusted at a higher level. If he makes a bad choice, freedom and trust are reduced.

It's important for your child to feel empowered by the choices she makes. When you provide appropriate consequences, you influence your child to make good decisions. And you create a learning opportunity that will increase her self-esteem by building on her sense of self-control.

Just like adults, children sometimes make mistakes. It is your job to provide consequences that lead your child to further personal development. Attempts to force him to behave will result in battles for power; the last thing you want.

Directive Parenting: Why It Works
Directive Parenting: How It Works
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