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Upon completion of credit card processing, you will have access to Directive Parenting for a ninety (90) day period. During this time, you may have unlimited access to the site for your child. This access may not be transferred to others. Any indication that unregistered use is occurring will result in denial of access and no refund of purchase.

Directive Parenting is a parent education product and not meant as a psychological treatment. Information provided about behavioral concerns, diagnosis or referral to a trained professional are based on your responses to the materials on the site. This may not be accurate due to the nature of reporting and the inability to properly verify information.

After ninety (90) days from initial registration, your access to the restricted areas of the site will be terminated. You may re-register and pay an additional $75.00 fee for any additional ninety (90) day access.

Third Party Access (Fee paid by other than you): If you have received access to this site through a third party such as a health insurance company who has agreed to pay for your use, you must follow both those terms set up by them and by Directive Parenting.

Your provider's terms of use may require greater access to your personal information to verify your use. Please check your agreement with them prior to using this site. Specific information about your responses and use of this site may be shared with them if your terms of use so indicate. Directive Parenting is not responsible for release of this information if this agreement has been set forth.

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