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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Directive Parenting cost?
For just $75, less than the cost of one visit to a trained Psychologist, Directive Parenting teaches you the parenting skills to solve your child's behavior problems and build self-esteem. You can use the program for a full 3 months.

What kind of change can I expect from Directive Parenting?
If you use the program consistently, you will notice significant improvement in behavior. Most children respond to the system within a month.

How long do I need to use Directive Parenting?
You should use the program for three months. But continue to use the chart and consequence system for at least six months. After your child has achieved consistent improvement you may stop charting. But consider the consequence system as a permanent method of childrearing.

What if my child doesn't respond to Directive Parenting?
If you are consistently using the charting and consequence system and do not see any improvement after 4 weeks, email us about your problems. We will assist you with a personal response. If we cannot help you solve the problems, you will receive a complete refund.

What if we are divorced or separated?
The greater the consistency, the better the results. In cases where parents are divorced or separated, there's nothing better for your child than for both of you to work together. But if conflict interferes with co-parenting, Directive Parenting will work in one household. If you and your spouse don't agree on parenting styles, your children will be profoundly affected-- no matter what system you use.

What types of problems will Directive Parenting help?
You can expect improvement in most mild to moderate behavioral and emotional problems. But there are many conditions that require professional treatment. Directive Parenting will assess your child's problems based on your report. If there's evidence of serious problems, an additional report will be generated as part of your Behavior Rating report. This will encourage you to consult a mental health professional for a comprehensive diagnostic assessment. Please refer to Get Professional Help for more information.

How do I tell my child about Directive Parenting?
Be straightforward. Tell him that you've been concerned about how your family has struggled with his behavior and that you found a new way to work things out. Your child will have more control of his privileges and can earn extra time to do the things he wants.

How should I handle the other children in the family?
It is best to include all children in the behavior charting. If other children have behavioral problems as well, it would be worthwhile to register them for their own individualized program. Then you can determine the specific behaviors to address for each child. In this way, one child won't feel singled-out.

Why do I have to go through the interview process?
Directive Parenting can't individualize your program without this information. If you don't tell us the type and severity of your child's problems, we won't know what behaviors you should address first. To be effective with Directive Parenting, you must also understand your parenting approach. It has an enormous impact on your child.

Who gets to see the information I provide?
All information is secure and protected. Information is stored in two separate areas, one for financial and one for personal data. Financial information (including your credit card number, expiration date, name and address as required to process your charge) must be provided to our bank and credit card company. Your personal information is stored on our secure server and protected by your username and password. It is not shared with anyone. For more information please see our privacy policy.

I have seen a mental health professional but didn't receive any valuable help. Why would Directive Parenting work?
Each mental health professional has a unique training and approach to therapy. Some therapists use a very passive approach to counseling with limited benefit in the short run. Directive Parenting was developed by Dr. Robert Field, an experienced psychologist who believes that changing your child's behavior requires specific parenting techniques. After 26 years of practice, Dr. Field has proven the success of the Directive Parenting program.

Can I use this system while my child is in therapy?
Yes. It is best to inform the therapist that you are using this system. Directive Parenting works effectively with all types of therapy.

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